Réseau Internet

WAN network design, installation, VPN, MS Exchange server configuration and support for multi-site customers.

IT Training

Information formation aux agents de police aux Cambodge

With the support of UNDP, a group of police officers has received IT training for 3 months with the help of professional teachers.


Programmation de Khmer DEV 

The Software enables a protection and a storage of all of your documents.
  - Scanning all kind of documents
  - Photography of old books
  - Optical Character Recognition
  - Seizure

Development of Apps

Costing System software grants the management of production costs, both human and material, of a company offering services. In addition, many reports allow decision makers to visualize ratios essential to the functioning of business processes.


01/04/2014 : First SMEs commission : Is my staff well paid?

This Thursday, March 27, 2014 was held the first SMEs commissionorganized by Mr. Franck Touch and Mr. Youssouf Ba for the Franco Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. The firm Blanquat Saint, represented by Amaury, responded to the question: "Is my staff well paid?". It was an opportunity to make a point on the pay and personnel management in Cambodia. Participants were then able to ask questions and to...

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07/03/2014 : SMEs commission with CCFC & Franck Touch

This Tuesday, March 7, 2014, Mr. Franck Touch & Youssouf Ba had the honor of hosting the SMEs commission for CCFC (Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodian). These weekly meetings allow francophones entrepeneurs in Cambodia to discuss various topics: Salaries, legal status, taxes etc ....

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