KhmerDev is pleased to announce the launch of our new 3D training courses available in Khmer and in English. These courses introduce users to the art of 3D animation and its fundamental principles to easily create a character, animated them or light a scene. KhmerDev’s courses aimed at absolute beginner who would like to begin a career in 3D or at experienced 3D Graphic designer who would like to keep up with the latest technology and methods of the 3D industry. 

  KhmerDev is looking for 1 Marketing/Commercial Trainee

  KhmerDev is looking for Developers for Microsoft Dynamic NVA (Urgent)

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The founders of Phoceamekong: Sandra and Gilles Rousseau with their daughter Clara


Interview with Gilles & Sandra Rousseau from Phoceamekong Cruises

Today we meet Gilles and Sandra Rousseau, the founders of PhoceaMekong Cruises, a mini cruises company in Phnom Penh and the children house Ptea Clara in Cambodia. In this interview, Gilles and Sandra will share with us their experience with KhmerDev.