of IT in Cambodia

Leading in Quality Digital Services

Since 2001, KhmerDev has pioneered the IT industry in Cambodia, leading major companies, SMEs and Government Ministries to the digital era.

Our multinational team is well-known for its professionalism and world-class standards, working daily with clients in Cambodia, Europe, and America.

KhmerDev provides value, experience and stability—no matter where you are in the world.

"KhmerDev works closely with leading local, regional and global entrepreneurs to provide sustainable, innovative solutions that meet the highest global criteria.” 

— David Said, CEO

Expanding Services To Support Global Clients 

At KhmerDev, we have delivered more than 250 projects across a vast range of businesses.

The infusion of talent and resources has expanded our role in helping companies reach full IT potential. KhmerDev has transitioned into a Service Design Agency.

We provide a full line of services:


Odoo ERP


Web Development

Mobile App Development

IT Audit


Unrivaled Experience in Cambodia

Experts &

Clients, local
& International


A Record of Success Built on Experience

We have built partnerships that last, with both Cambodian and International Clients.

Our diverse team works in English, French, and Khmer, and is always there for you, even after the project deadline. We take pride in being part of your company’s trajectory.


Our Partnerships