Created in 2001, KhmerDev is the  first francophone Information Technology consulting company  established in Cambodia. With qualified and operational resources, KhmerDev offers to organizations and companies of the public and private sector quality solutions to  outsource their projects of IT development : Customized programs, Networking solutions, IT audit, Web marketing strategy, Website development.

A lot of partners based in France and Cambodia have already trusted KhmerDev, which, today, has handled more than  150 projects with success .

We propose a large range of services not only intended to private companies but also to associations and public organizations. Accustomed to the high level of exigency of our French clients, our company has developed noteworthy activity in the  outsourcing market . Furthermore, with this strong experience gained worldwide, our teams can provide to our local clients, innovative products and services. Our ambition is to develop technology in Cambodia and abroad adapted to all kind of activities.



Franck TOUCH


Franck Touch has more than 10 years of experiences in the IT field in France first as a developer then as a project manager and consultant and finally as an IT director of a business intelligence company. Observing that Cambodia was lacking services in the IT fields, the French-Cambodian Franck decided to set up his own company in 2001 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in order to provide a large range of IT services and products to companies. Franck Touch is now the Chief Executive Officer of KhmerDev with more than 40 employees working under his leadership.