Google’s search algorithm modifications can impact a website’s rank very severely: for example, the latest major update in 2011 coined the ‘Panda’ affected 12% of global searches, and keeps being adjusted. For that reason, it is crucial to stay aware of its updates, like the most recent one: Pigeon.

Besides the production in the typical IT sector, Khmerdev is also involved in 3D activity. Recently, we have put in action the correction of 3D which covers refill holes on rivers and buildings. The outcome of the activity will be then used by the automation tools in order to create 3D maps, cities etc...

Congratulation to Mr. UONG Seyha who became the new employee's representative of Khmerdev after the election on the 27th September 2013 !

On the 20th february, an Adobe and Autodesk Licensing training course took place with our Partner Win Technology Distribution. To conclude this training, our guests had the pleasure of visiting the premises of KhmerDev.

KhmerDev recognized our most diligent employees Chhorn Vannak, Pov Panha and Sem Sopheak, who took the fewest days off during the year. 

To thank them for their dedication, Khmerdev presented Chhorn Vannak with a High Definition television and Pov Panha and Sem Sopheak each received a digital camera.

All employees were present to attend the awards ceremony to congratulate their three colleagues.

Keep up the good work !