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 Did you know? Our Company has developed the Website for the Cambodian Airports .

You will find on this website all the information you need for your travels and the reception of your loved ones.

You can find the link here : Cambodia airports

The International Conference on Information Technology and Management Science (ICITMS 2014) took place from the 1-2 May 2014 in Hong Kong. Over these two days, Khmerdev had the opportunity to present a mobile application for Android tablets in cooperation with our clients The WorldFish Center, in the "Wireless Networks & Mobile Computing" category.

Mister Franck TOUCH and Eric Baran from WorldFish demonstrated the enormous technological development capacity of Cambodia before an attentive international audience.

Mister Ambassador of France in Cambodia, Serge MOSTURA, came to visit our company on Wednesday 13th November 2013.He had the occasion to visit our premises, discover the activities of Khmerdev, K-Digidata and O3D-Asia school. This visit was concluded by a breakfast for the Ambassador where he exchanged with the Khmer and French employees.

03/07/2014 : Commission PME-PMI with the CCFC & Franck Touch This Tuesday 7th March 2014, Mister Franck Touch & Youssouf Ba had the honor to organize for the CCFC (Chamber of Commerce Franco-Cambodian) a commission PME-PMI.

Those weekly meetings allow the francophone entrepreneurs in Cambodia to exchange about different themes as : the salaries, juridical status, taxes etc....