03/07/2014 : Commission PME-PMI with the CCFC & Franck Touch This Tuesday 7th March 2014, Mister Franck Touch & Youssouf Ba had the honor to organize for the CCFC (Chamber of Commerce Franco-Cambodian) a commission PME-PMI.

Those weekly meetings allow the francophone entrepreneurs in Cambodia to exchange about different themes as : the salaries, juridical status, taxes etc....

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Wednesday was the semi-annual PMB User Group meeting. This meeting began with a presentation from the KhmerDev team, and then the committee members were able to share their experiences about the software. 

As a reminder, PMB (Pour Ma Bibliothèque) is an integrated library control system. It’s a document management software designed for resource centers networks and libraries. It enables the opportunity to use a catalogue management system, a published notes management system, and a compilation of periodic statistical reports for consultation work. Read more about the PMB software through the following link: PMB

Users may already have been invited to the small breakfast meeting offered by Khmerdev, which allowed them to become acquainted with the software.

KhmerDev has realised the digitalization of the periodicals of Cambodge Soir (18 000 pages) financed by the International Organisation of Francophonie (OIF).

This Thursday 27th March 2014 the first commission PME-PMI organized by Misters Franck Touch and Youssouf Ba took place for the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Cambodian. The Saint Blanquart consultant, represented by Mister Amaury, answered the following question : «Is my staff well paid?». It was the occasion to develop the subjects of the payment of the staff and their management in Cambodia.

The participants could after ask all their questions to the consultant and have breakfast. The next meeting will be about: the juridical aspects of the companies in Cambodia.