Google’s search algorithm modifications can impact a website’s rank very severely: for example, the latest major update in 2011 coined the ‘Panda’ affected 12% of global searches, and keeps being adjusted. For that reason, it is crucial to stay aware of its updates, like the most recent one: Pigeon.


Google is regularly making addition to its algorithm to ameliorate the research for the Google’s user: first there was ‘Penguin’ (designed for struggling against black-hat SEO techniques), then ‘Panda’, which focused on poor content, then ‘Hummingbird’, which made new enhancements to oral syntax comprehension and its able to detect the context of a request. The new ‘Pigeon’, which is not actually the official name given by Google is a series of algorithm updates rolled out by search engine Google on July the 24th.

The real question is what’s new? How it’s going to affect us?

Principally, the major change seems to give priority to local shop more than brand. A good Google + with address, photography and review is going to be again more a factor of good ranking.

Local rankings will therefore be determined by the domain authority, the back-links and other SEO ranking factors.

SEO Team