KhmerDev and Kdigidata will be present on the 28th to the 30th of November to the Book Fair Event.

The Book Fair Event has for goal to:
•raise awareness about availability of books in Khmer or other foreign languages, particularly books about Cambodia and children books
•support Cambodian authors/writers and illustrators
• promote the publishing industry in Cambodia
•foster a passion for writing among the young generation
•nurture a love and a habit of reading among the Cambodian population across ages

KhmerDev and Kdigidata will present you various products and services: digitalization, ebooks and software for document center.

We will present particularly: PMB. It is an open source online catalogue management system for library which is used by 1000+ customer in the worlds and 400+ in online version.

This system is totally free and we are here to support you in case of need for installation, training and maintenance


We look forward to seeing you there, don’t forget: street No. 92, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Kau Daun Penh!


For more information
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